Step by Step School Drivers Trained by iCare Life to become Safe & Smart Drivers.

School Bus drivers of Step by Step School attended a training and certification course over 5 days conducted by iCare Life.

The ‘Smart & Safe School Bus Driver- Level 1’ is a rigorous program that skills trainees on compliance, pre-trip inspection, grooming, correct road behaviour, precautions while driving the school bus, boarding and alighting process, defensive driving, first aid, handling emergency situations and more. The program empowers the drivers with the skill and the right attitude to drive school children safely.

The training programmes/certification courses are delivered using advanced blended learning methodologies, tools, gadgets and systems. The e-learning based training modules are delivered through tablets, enabling the individual learners to learn at their own pace. The learners go through stringent assessment protocols to earn the iCare Certification. The participants displayed a high level of enthusiasm as this was the first time they were going through a formal training program.

On successful completion of module tests, in compliance with the service standards established by iCare Life Singapore Pte Ltd, this batch of School Bus drivers were awarded the completion certificate for the ‘iCare School Bus Driver Training Program Level 1’.

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