Creating the much needed pool of Trained and Certified Caregivers

caregiver1It’s a proud moment for our trainees today on convocation day. Many of them wanted to study but could not complete their formal education, they had to drop out of school. Others are graduates, but unemployed and left with no choice but to do odd jobs, with no defined career path. In one of our many mobilization camps, they registered for the iCare Life caregiver course. They were put through a screening process to determine their aptitude for this grueling profession. Post their selection they went through a rigorous training program delivered on iCare Life’s unique blended learning system. Across 11 competencies and 160 modules, the trainees have been taught comprehensive caregiving skills. The trainees have also got clinical exposure in hospitals. Each candidate was assessed multiple times across these phases. Having completed the course and cleared the final assessment with a qualifying score, the candidates have earned the ‘Certificate of Training for Professional Caregivers’ Course.’

It is gratifying that a significant number of these, now professional caregivers, have been placed with home care companies, individual families, and hospitals.

At iCare Life, it’s one more milestone in our journey to transform the informal services both for providers and seekers, leveraging a sophisticated training and placement ecosystem, which we have set out to create.

Individuals who walked through the door a few months back as hesitant aspirants searching for a better career, today walked out as qualified professionals. Empowered with the training, iCare Life caregivers have pledged to deliver competent and compassionate care.

We look forward to our next convocation, where a few hundred caregivers are likely to be felicitated.

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