Silver Arrows Partners with iCare Life for a Class Experience


Silver Arrows is a dealer for Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles in Delhi / NCR. They share more than just the name of the Mercedes-Benz legend. Like the radical, high-performing, lightening fast Formula One cars they are named after, Silver Arrows’ driving force is to give customers unrivalled Mercedes-Benz sales and service experience.

To ensure best in class experience always, Silver Arrows partnered with iCare Life, second year in a row to train the chauffeurs of Silver Arrows, Noida, on enhancing safety, courtesy, user experience, knowledge and compliance of road rules, and basics of personal grooming. The workshop was conducted on October 11th 2015.

The objectives of the workshop:

  • To understand the importance of courtesy and proper behavior while interacting with customers / users of their services
  • To understand the meaning of Defensive Driving and its principles
  • Driving under different circumstances such as on the highway, on lonely stretches, in heavy traffic and in the night
  • Driving etiquettes
  • How to deal with an accident situation and basics of providing First Aid

The workshop was attended by 21 chauffeurs who are part of the Sales and Service team at the dealership. The participants really appreciated the workshop and the overall feedback score was 4.65 on a scale of 5.

Here is what Manager-HR had to say post the workshop, “We have used services of iCare Life to train our chauffeurs on service standards second year in a row. The program was very well appreciated by our chauffeurs especially the deployment methodology where videos were used as a stimuli to train our drivers and that too in the Hindi language. We look forward to continuing our association with iCare Life and wish the iCare team all the best.”

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