My Husband is Not a Driver but a Chauffeur Now !

New batch of chauffeurs was awarded the completion certificate for the ‘iCare Chauffeur Training Program Level 1at the 3rd iCare Convocation Ceremony held in Mumbai (Maharashtra, India) on 26th of April 2015. In order to reinforce the bonding with the iCare certified chauffeurs, we invited the chauffeurs with their spouses for the convocation. It was an event by itself for the chauffeur families because a spouse could see her husband receiving certificate with a loud applause by the crowd.

Mr. Harilal Sharma, a young chauffeur toped in both, classroom and simulator assessments. He attended the convocation with his wife Manju. During the convocation, Manju expressed her feelings about the changes that she experienced in her husband after undergoing iCare smart chauffeur program.

‘After completing iCare Smart Chauffeur Program, my husband has become much more confident than what he was, not only in driving but in day to day life also. Earlier, he used to behave arrogantly but now has become humble and polite especially his behaviour with the elders has changed a lot’ she said.

‘I am sure his driving skills have also increased to a great extent. I can guess so because, though I can’t sit with him in the car, whenever I happen to travel with him in auto rickshaw, he keeps talking to the auto driver regarding safe and defensive driving. I am really feeling proud of him now and I wish I could also join iCare training’ said Manju.

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